Sonia Bronstein

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Sonia arranging some flowers.
Sonia arranging some flowers.

One of the initial founders of the Colorado Potters Guild, Sonia has extensive experience in clay.  Initially she became interested in pottery in 1957 at Hull House in Chicago.  When her husband was recalled to service, she studied pottery wherever possible.

She attended Colorado A&M in 1950; University of Wyoming, 1950 – 1951; and Syracuse University in 1951 – 1952.  She has also studied at the University of Denver.  Her most influential teachers have been Tobert Russin (University of Wyoming), Robert Smith (Syracuse) and Ed Osher (Opportunity School, Denver).

“I am happiest working at the wheel.  I studied dance for many years and feel that there is a significant relationship between dance and potting.  The movement of the hands at the wheel, the positive and negative spaces, all are related to dance to me. I feel most adept working at the wheel and making functional pieces.  I work in stoneware and porcelain and make large platters and bird baths in terracotta.” said Sonia.

Sonia has shown her work at the “Own Your Own show” at the Denver Museum, a number of shows at the Jewish Community Center and at the Library at the University of Denver.

“I retired from the University of Denver after 23 years and began concentrating on pottery full-time.  I would be lost without the Potters Guild.   While our children were growing up, I taught small groups of children the beginnings of pottery.  Both of my sons have made lovely creative pieces.”