Angus Campbell

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Angus Campbell

Angus presently works in large scale functional pieces.   He uses slump molds (a plaster mold over which you throw clay), as well as throwing and hand building.  After initially creating his pots, he alters them into expressive forms.  He fires to a range of temperatures and enjoys raku, reduction and vapor firing.

“When you do a vapor firing, you introduce salt or soda at or near the final temperature of the pot.  This gives it a sheen, or glaze which flashes and creates variable earthy organic-looking colors.”

Angus initially took an interest in ceramic work and sculpture at 5 years old, when he accompanied his mother to her MFA classes at Cal State LA.

“I was exposed to a lot of different mediums.  But the firing process, one that made a lump of dirt into something useful, captured my imagination.  I remember being captured by big ceramic and metal sculptural pieces”

Angus continued his ceramic pursuits throughout high school and college.   In 1982 he resumed classes at Aurora Bicentennial Art Center.  “We did raku, low fire and high fire salt-ware at the time.”  He joined the Potters Guild in 1992, concentrating on high-fire functional ware.

Angus earned a Bachelor degree in Geology at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO and a Master’s degree in Mineral Economics from Colorado School of Mines.  He is currently managing the Summitville Mine Clean-up for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.