Sarah Christensen

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I have been working in clay for about 15 years, focusing on functional wares, and art pieces.  I strive to find the balance in my work between usable object and art piece.

There is nothing better than finding a pot that works perfectly, and brings a sense joy visually.   Decoration and design have always been an inspiration to me.  Pattern from rugs, textiles, natural objects, mosaics, painting and printmaking, all inform my use of image and color.

For me, making functional objects is a convenient way to surround my life with beauty, an everyday aesthetic experience.  It is a way to honor the everyday, and to connect to a great tradition held by most cultures, that believed that a functional object is always made better with a little (or a lot) of embellishment.  It is often the smallest things that can have the greatest affect on our lives.

Sarah is currently serving as the Marketing Director for the Colorado Potters Guild and can be reached at

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