Bill Howe

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Bill Howe unloading the kiln.
Bill Howe unloading the kiln.

I’ve had the privilege of studying with various teachers at Art Student’s League of Denver, including Mary Cay, and at Arapahoe Community College with Robin Furuta.  I joined the Colorado Potters guild in the summer of 2004 and have been inspired by this vibrant community of artists.

I began throwing pots at a high school Quaker boarding school in Iowa and a few years later took a class at Denver’s Opportunity School and built a kick wheel with my father.

I pursued music in college instead of art and recently retired from a career as a special education teacher.  During this period, I did little with ceramics, but in 2003 I revived  my old love and started taking ceramics classes again.

At present, I am experimenting with many different techniques, but I hope to explore more my love of traditional styles which I was exposed to growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico and in a recent ceramics tour of Spain.

Bill is currently serving as the Building Director for the Colorado Potters Guild and can be reached at