Helen Hutchinson

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Helen Hutchinson
Helen Hutchinson

My work carries memories of places I’ve lived and/or traveled to. It also portrays the lines and strict adherence to a life lived of rules and structure, but there is also a receptive excitement to new ideas, always trying new processes and techniques offered in the many workshops, seminars and videos available today. 

My favorite studio is the garage in my home and sometimes the Colorado Potter’s Guild or the ceramic studio at ACC. High fire reduction stoneware, low fire earthenware and Raku    are processes most often used in my work. I also enjoy using dry finishes as well as glaze treatments.

Training in the arts began with the Girl Scouts of America when my girls joined and became Brownie Scouts.  I look back fondly on receiving a monthly magazine filled with projects, art and otherwise, to teach the girls who came to our house weekly for two hours. They learned of song, craft projects, stories; sharing anything other than math and reading. 

Formal education began for me when my own children started college.  Schools included Metropolitan State College; Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design; Arapahoe Community College; Art Students League.

Workshops: Anderson Ranch (5); Ghost Ranch (6-all Raku); Elderhostel Programs; and many workshops presented by ACC and Colorado Potters Guild.

Littleton Colorado has been home since 1968. I love Colorado. I love Clay. Clay is full time therapy.

Helen can be reached via email