Karen Casteel-Rodeheaver

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Karen C.Karen is a functional potter located in Colorado. She works with a porcelainous stoneware, starting on a potter’s wheel, then altering and assembling. She began working with clay in undergraduate school at Marshall University. After earning her BFA, she worked in graphic design and sales in Texas for several years. In the late 1990’s, she began taking graduate courses at Marshall University and attending workshops to further develop a knowledge of clay.  During this time, she and a partner began building a studio and showing work in that region. A sudden move caused her to sell the studio and take a break from clay.  Several moves later, she now enjoys living in Colorado with her husband and two young children. After arriving in Parker, she was offered an opportunity to teach & develop a clay studio for an art school. After helping to build their clay program, she is again focusing on showing & selling her work professionally.