Candice Kiesow

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Candice Kiesow working on a sculpture.
Candice Kiesow working on a sculpture.

Candice Kiesow has been a multi-media artist, potter, printmaker and jeweler since the 70’s.  Her first art experience began with pottery, later in art school: graphic design, jewelry and printmaking.

“Presenting myself with challenges and exploring new aspects of the medium has been my evolving path as an artist.

After retiring from the corporate world of graphic design in 1999, I have delved into old & new art forms.  In the 70’s pottery was my passion and since the early 90’s I returned to work in earthenware clay.  My work in clay is wildly variable: large and sculptural as well as small and functional.

In 2004 I joined the Colorado Potters Guild.  Intrigued by shapes, texture and color, through carving and working with surfaces, the large sculptural form inspires singular works of art.”

To find out more about Candice and to see some of her jewelry creations, visit her website.