Wendy Kochar

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Wendy at her wheel with her studio mate
Wendy at her wheel with her studio mate

I’m Wendy Kochar, a passionate artist working as a studio potter creating functional stoneware pottery. My training started with throwing classes, but I quickly started taking workshops from both regional and nationally known potters. Each workshop added exciting variations to my existing forms, and after many years, I have developed a unique style that combines these techniques. I’ve combined what I learned about shapes and forms from Tom Coleman, altering from Merida Mattison, and carvings from Elaine Coleman. Other artists have taught me the technical aspects of making teapots, kitchenware, and altered forms.

I am continually expanding my knowledge with advanced study in ceramics. I’ve now taken my work with functional altered pottery and combined it with the unique colors and tones that come from wood and salt firings. My newest work includes cone 10 reduction pieces with copper and shino glazes that I have been learning to produce by taking an active role in the kiln firings.

Wendy joined the guild in 2008 and can be reached at wkkochar@coloradopotters.org.