Carolyn Lievers

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Carolyn enjoys making odd-shaped dinnerware.  “A lot of them don’t work,” remarks Carolyn,  but she enjoys pushing the limits of traditional functional forms.  White stoneware and stoneware porcelain clay mixes work best because of their plasticity and the range of colors she can get when applying glazes.

Her pots are strong in form, are well-made and are visually pleasing.   She has rich glaze combinations.  She applies a direct graceful hand to her functional work.” says fellow-member Pat Agatsuma.

A major turning point for Carolyn began when she took two summer sessions with Jim and Nan McKinnell.  Their emphasis on craftsmanship sharpened her finished ware.   Pots which do not maintain their integrity through the creative process “hit the bricks.”

Another major influence was Ted Vogel’s insistence on spontaneity and risk-taking.   “He wanted you to stretch the form you were trying to make.  We made a series of pots, pushing each one’s limits until the form no longer worked.  You were then able to go back through the series and refine the pieces that worked best and move from there.

Carolyn can be reached via email.