Marta Rodeheffer

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Marta holding one of her pots at the Colorado Potters Show
Marta holding one of her pots at the Colorado Potters Show

I was “hooked” that very first time I sat down at a pottery wheel.  I am still mesmerized by the seeming “magic” form emerging out of the wet, spinning lump of clay.  I delight in being the creator of something so momentarily fragile, but so full of potential for becoming a strong, unique and beautiful piece.

I love to carve “one-of-a-kind” designs into the smooth surface of the leather-hard clay body, to create a special “signature” for each particular piece.

I experience a pleasant anticipatory tension as I hold an unmarked pot in my hands, patiently studying it until an idea begins to take form in my mind.  The “moment of truth”, that first mark on the clay canvas, is followed by playful variations on that original theme as I circle the pot with free-hand carvings.   Eventually the two ends connect to form a circle of carvings and there is  a surprising whole, a sense of completeness and satisfaction.

In truth, there are many precarious steps ahead in the drying, glazing and firing of each piece.  I do not dwell on the fact that all this creative carving could come to naught.  The process that just happened is a lovely moment unto itself.

Marta is a largely self taught potter.  She greatly enjoys the camaraderie of this guild of potters from whom she is constantly learning new things about clay and about life.  Marta can be reached at