D’Ann Schneider

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D'Ann Schneider gets a little help from a friend.
D’Ann Schneider gets a little help from a friend.

I saw my first potter when I was in Junior High.   We were on vacation in Cape Cod and there was a pottery shop there with a potter demonstrating in the window.  It was better than watching magic and I knew it was something I wanted to do someday.

My first opportunity came when I moved to California in the 70’s and there were adult education courses available in the high schools (where I started out) and the junior colleges.  I still use some of the bowls and casseroles I made there.

When we moved to Maryland, the demands of my job left no time for anything else. Upon retirement I began taking classes at Baltimore Clayworks – a wonderful institution where all classes are given by clay artists who make their living in the field and which has a gallery with changing shows from nationally and internationally known artists.  Clay Works also has a serious social commitment to the importance of art and has major outreach programs in the underserved neighborhoods of the city.  I learned a lot from both that culture and the art I was exposed to.

We moved to Denver in 2004 and through the classes I have been taking at Arapahoe Community College and my association with the guild I have been able to push myself to really develop my art.

Clay is a wonderful medium; it is so adaptable. Your only limit is your imagination.  I aim for a simplicity and a sense of joy and grace in what I make.  I hope that communicates itself to everyone who uses my pottery.