Anne Marie Tucker

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Anne Marie glazing some of her work
Anne Marie glazing some of her work

When asked why she left Germany in 1936, Anne Marie’s answer was simple, “His name was Adolf Hitler.”  I saw my first potter when I was seven years old in Germany.  I was in elementary school and we had a visiting potter.  I was so fascinated by him.  He easily made a vase out of a lump of clay and it was fabulous.

Later, in Denver, I was going down to the Opportunity School to take a sewing class, but I was interested in finding out what the pottery classes were like.  I was a miserable potter.  I had trouble centering, but found out later that the vertical position of the wheel made a big difference.

Anne Marie’s current work includes hand-built fanciful creatures and people reminiscent of the primitive work of Grandma Moses.   She makes flat plates which are really canvases for her brightly colored paintings.   “I wish I were a Rembrandt instead of a Jewish Grandma Moses, but what can you do?”says Anne Marie.

Anne Marie trained at Mercy Hospital for three years to become an RN, and then went to New York City to work in the hospitals there.  She returned to DU and received a degree in pre-professional social work.  After starting her family, she began her ceramic work.