Rick West

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Rick West
Rick throwing a bowl on a potters wheel.

Rick has lived in Colorado for most of his life and has been a member of the Guild since 2000.  He is consistently inspired by new ideas generated within the membership, his personal life and his professional life.

Rick started his involvement with clay during a highway construction assignment in Chaco Canyon New Mexico.  “I took a weekend tour to Bandelier National Monument and saw a Maria Martinez video on building pots using the coil method and then pit-firing them.  It inspired me to collect clay from the roadside, mix it with sand from an arroyo and build several small pots that I fired using the same techniques as Maria.  The results were fantastic and I’ve been hooked on clay ever since.”

Since Chaco Canyon, Rick has taken classes in wheel throwing, hand building and Raku.   He has even made a small Raku kiln using a 5-gallon metal trash can.

Rick has been an active volunteer for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival for the past 17 years, plays tennis, enjoys painting, drawing, woodworking and gardening.

Rick can be reached at rwest@coloradopotters.org.