Hannah Bass

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Hello, and thank you for taking a look at my work.  My name is Hannah Bass, and I’m a recent transplant to Denver, Colorado since back in April 2016.  I hail from Chicago, IL, and have also lived in various parts of Israel, Ecuador, and Kalamazoo, Michigan at other parts of my life.  In my professional life, I work as a Registered Nurse and am currently teaching new nurses the trade.  Back in Chicago, I often brought sculpture into the safety net clinic I was working at to enable people who didn’t have easy exposure to art to get that exposure.  From using sculptural representations of body parts to teach about disease processes to having bowls for anything from paper clips to condoms, there are ways to integrate pottery into our everyday use in the medical field, and bring joy and beauty to places where that is not always represented.  I’m excited to now be with the Colorado Potters guild and create new works that can be integrated publically in other creative and exciting ways. Hannah can be reached via email.

Hannah joined the Colorado Potters Guild in 2016.