Ronnie Kohrt

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Ronnie throwing a very large cylinder.

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and begin working with clay around the age of nine. I started my journey with clay at the local recreation center and quickly was hooked.

Fast forward nearly fifteen years of throwing on the potters wheel, clay sculpting, pottery shows, thousands of pieces and many new friends later. This is my clay story.

My Mother is from the beautiful and culturally amazing country of Japan. I credit much of my natural interest in clay to this. The Japanese have always been incredibly gifted in pottery spanning thousands of years. 

I’ve found a love for earth-tone glazes, deep reds, browns and blacks, accented by white or creamy light colors. I also love finesse curves and clean styles. 

I believe the personal connection between a handmade mug or bowl is incredibly deep. It’s a trusted tool to feed and nourish our soul with the nutrition to keep us moving each and every day. It’s a unique bond between craftsmanship and individual that makes pottery so unique and exhilarating. 

While the pottery wheel is my method of choice when creating new pieces, I constantly find myself enjoying many different styles of creating pieces.

I feel each individual piece should show it’s unique form, color and attitude to the world. From curvy pots thrown on the wheel, to a new unique sculpting project. The possibilities truly are endless. Pottery has a different meaning to each individual person.

Pottery is my release from the world. Being at the pottery wheel, creating handcrafted pieces from a small pound of clay, what a feeling it truly is. Indescribable. I only hope everyone can experience this at least once in their lifetime. It’s a extremely refreshing feeling and puts my mind at ease. I’d like to think my pieces take the thoughts right out of me, and hopefully, they speak to you in some way I intend them too.

I’m always testing my creativity on a daily basis and attempting to learn every technique I possibly can about the craft that I began long ago as a kid. A true beauty of art, is that there is no perfect. It’s a endless combination of ideas and feelings that keep us coming back for more. 

Each of my pieces begins as a block of clay, that is either hand thrown by myself on a potter’s wheel or sculpted out as a block. Most of my work is cooked in an electric kiln and fully vitrified for usage with food drink.

Unless otherwise stated, all Ugly Mug Pottery pieces are food safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have that unique Ugly Mug Pottery piece sitting at home. This is a little chunk of my clay story. Ronnie joined the Colorado Potters Guild in 2016.

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